School Bus Information

It's that time of year again when all the big yellow school buses will be picking up and dropping off students.  A few things to know about the upcoming school year to help our bus riders get headed in the right direction.  As you are aware, the Mayflower School District is on a 4 day (Tuesday - Monday) schedule this year.  Buses will pick up students at their designated pick up spot from last year approximately 25 minutes early this year. Buses will leave the elementary school at 4:10pm, middle school at 4:15pm, and high school at 4:20pm each afternoon.  Please be patient with our bus drivers and staff as we work into our new routines and routes for the year.  If you are new to the Mayflower School District and need information about you student's pick up and drop off location, please contact Mr. Doug Jones, Director of Transportation at 501-470-1344.