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Counselor's Corner

Mrs. Cox has been in the field of education for 19 years, 17 of those in the Mayflower School District. Prior to becoming the school counselor, she taught grades 4, 5, 7, and 8 at both MES and MMS. She is married to Jeff Cox, the assistant principal at Mayflower High School and has two children, a daughter-Aubrey and a son-Aiden. Mrs. Cox loves the community of Mayflower and considers it “home”. She enjoys working with kids and getting to know both them and their families better. 


501-470-0387 ext. 3

Arkansas Crisis Center: 1-888-274-7472

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-482-5964

School counselors support the academic achievement and personal/social well-being of students. Listed below are the five main ways that I plan to support our staff and students at MES this year:


If you have a question, I can either provide you with the answer or point  you towards a great resource. If you are concerned about a student or even just looking for a new activity to use in the classroom, I can help. I provide consultation to parents, teachers, and other school staff. My door is always open!!

Preventative Programming:

I educate students about a topic and provide them ways to handle the situation. For example, we are planning Red Ribbon Week for later in October. Students will be learning about the dangers of drugs and ways to “Just Say No!”

Classroom Guidance:

I facilitate classroom guidance lessons about a variety of topics. I can plan lessons with teachers in advance or facilitate lessons based on teacher or student need. Classroom guidance lessons are a great way for me to connect with our students and build relationships.

Group Counseling:

When there are multiple students experiencing the same problem, it can be helpful for them to be in a counseling group together. Group counseling helps students build relationships and feel that they are not alone in their experiences. Groups can be created on a variety of topics including anger management, divorce, etc.

Individual Counseling:

In individual sessions with students, I allow students to draw, write, or just talk. Sometimes we work on learning a specific skill, such as deep breathing for anxiety. Other times we work on role-playing situations such as: problems with friends, etc. 

I look forward to a fantastic year here at MES! When school counselors and staff collaborate and work together, students greatly benefit!



September: Respect

October: Responsibility

November: Thankfulness/Gratitude

December: Empathy

January: Kindness/Compassion

February: Integrity

March: Honesty

April: Perseverance

May: Self-Control